Semalt: What Is A Web Browser Extension – 5 Best Web Extensions For You!

Web browser extension is the plugin that extends functionalities of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and other browsers. Some browser extensions are authored using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. A large number of web extensions were developed using application programming interface (API) and machine codes such as PPAPI and NPAPI. The most famous web browser extensions have been discussed below.

1. Data Saver

Data Saver is one of the best and most famous browser extensions on the net. If you have scraped data from different sites and want to save it in a readable and scalable form, then you should install this extension to get your work done. With Data Saver, you can efficiently compress the data and enjoy bandwidth savings. It is compatible with Opera, Chrome and all other web browsers, and acts as a free Chrome add-on. Data Saver uses Google interactive servers to compress your data before displaying it. As the security measure, you should access pages through HTTPS and Chrome's incognito mode only.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate

With AdBlocker Ultimate, it is possible to block unwanted advertisements for an unlimited time. It is one of the best and most powerful web browser extensions on the internet. AdBlocker Ultimate is a free and open-source extension that makes it easy for you to block the sponsor or marketing ads and improves your user experience to an extent. One of the most distinctive features of this extension is that it is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome and can be downloaded from the internet instantly.

3. Pablo

Pablo is a free extension designed to cobble up artful social media-friendly captioned photos. You can download this extension from Chrome Web Store, and Pablo is compatible with all social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram. It allows you to highlight text snippets and select images from both local and online resources. You can easily customize the effects, formatting, and fonts of your photos with Pablo.

4. Privacy Badger

Sometimes users want to ensure their privacy and protection on the internet. With an ordinary web application or browser extension, you cannot accomplish your tasks. But Privacy Badger is far better than other similar web extensions. It is licensed by Electronic Frontier Foundation and has been around for quite some time. It offers far better facilities and features than other privacy tools or ad blockers. You can use Privacy Badger individually or in combination with extensions like Ghostery and AdBlock Plus. You can easily block unwanted ads and can act anonymously on the internet, ensuring your safety and privacy.

5. Boomerang

Boomerang is an excellent addition to Gmail basic and advanced functions. This web browser extension allows you to schedule email messages and postpone some unnecessary tasks. You can manage your time and perform multiple tasks at a time with this user-friendly extension. It is available for instant download at Chrome Web Store.

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